Register in any course either by emailing the institute at info@caelsonline.com or by booking a demo session after filling a Form. 


All fees must be received in full a minimum of three days before the course starts (unless agreed otherwise by the institure). If fees are not received by this time, the registration for the course is not confirmed, and it is not possible for students to start a course.


Students are expected to attend 100% of their training sessions. If a student is ill or cannot attend for any other reason, he or she must call the institute to inform
staff. In any case, students must attend a minimum of 85% of their training sessions. Failure to do so could result in the institute canceling the course.

Courses and classes

The institute reserves the right to cancel or alter a course in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, the institute will either offer a refund or an alterative course. The institute reserves the right to change teachers during courses. Such changes are always kept to the minimum but are unavoidable when teachers are on holiday or sick.

In case student’s level is inappropriate for the course booked, the institute reserves the right to move the student to a different course or if preferred, to cancel the course and refund all tuition fees.


The institute reserves the right to cancel a student’s course in the event of misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance. Cancellations by students or their representatives must be made to the institute in writing.

We promise a full refund in cases where we are unable to provide a service.

No refund will be given for any cancellations after the course start date unless in exceptional circumstances, at the absolute discretion of institute management.


For any queries regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us by accessing our Contact Us’ page from the website